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How to best mount a camera to your motorcycle

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CycleMount for Cruisers

Here at SkutrNet we believe that we have come up with the ideal method for mounting a camera to a motorcycle, whether it be a sportbike with fairings, a cruiser, naked, or standard bike.  In all instances the absolute best video quality and camera position is where the factory mirrors would mount.  There are a couple reasons for this, first, it is a stable platform that was designed from the factory to be a low vibration mounting point (if you've ever tried using a rearview mirror that vibrated you'll understand why these mounting locations are super stable), and second, it provides a few great perspectives; unobstructed front view, rear view, offset of rider for better view, and control view (throttle, brake).  

Camera Compatibility

In order to provide as many options as possible we designed our CycleMount line with GoPro compatible camera mounts.  Our mounts use the standard GoPro mount style for compatibility with those amazing cameras as well as the few competitors of theirs that have decided to use the same or similar mounting method, many other growing action camera manufactures offer adapters as well to take advantage of GoPro's enormous market share.

CycleMount Design & Materials

CycleMountOur concept was pretty simple, make the best product we could using the best materials and the best design. The hardware is all stainless steel for corrosion resistance and strength; the plastic parts are all glass filled polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is the same material the GoPro cases and mounts are made from, but we reinforced ours with fiberglass to make it even stronger. Even the acorn nuts are stainless steel rather than chrome plated steel like GoPro uses. We also looked to make improvements to the design of the thumb screws. Frustrated with GoPro’s included thumb screws that push out the back of the handle, we fully encased our screws with the plastic handle for easier use. 

Rubber Pad

We additionally adhered the acorn nuts to the plastic parts to prevent them falling out and getting lost. The bottoms of the mounting plates (used on our sportbike models) are covered with a firm but non-marring rubber for a secure fit that will not damage the existing body work. The true magic of our design however is the 360degree swivel. None of the standard GoPro mounts allow rotation about the Z axis. The sticky mounts, if not very carefully placed exactly straight, will not allow your camera to look straight out the front of the bike, and once they are stuck on, that’s it. And while this might not sound all that difficult, look at the front end of modern sportbikes, they have a million compound angles and curves, and unless you want the camera blocking your ram air inlet or number plate forget about placing it in the center of the nose. The CycleMount however can be easily adjusted to any angle with just the turn of a thumb screw, no tools required, no adhesive.

Currently we have two basic styles of CycleMount.  One for sportbikes with fairings, and one for cruiser / standard / naked bikes that have mirrors that thread into the handlebar controls.  Our camera mounts can be used on track or race bikes as well as street bikes that have moved the mirrors to bar end mirrors or some other method.  Never remove the mirrors on your streetbike all together!  The CycleMount for sportbikes includes a blank mirror blockoff plate for the opposite side as the camera.


I think it pretty much speaks for itself, check out the SkutrNet sponsored racer working the controls!

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